Shattered / The Trust

Shattered / The Trust
A Miniseries of The Legacy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shattered: Episode 8: The Impostors

Shattered: The Impostors-Part 1
Part 8
by Toni Walker

Bobby SullivanBobby Sullivan glanced over at Faith. She was different. The plastic surgery had made her that way. At least, that was the official Knights Foundation story. Three years ago she had shown up out of the blue. Her face different. Her speech different. Everything about her slightly off. But he had believed the cover story the KF had supplied. Hell, they all had. The only question was... what was the truth? Was the truth this woman in front of him or was the truth the woman waiting for him at Crave?

A woman working at the next terminal named Maggie smiled at him then returned to her duties. She couldn't see his monitor, and the higher ups wouldn't know what he was doing until it was too late. However, what Bobby failed to realize was that the Legacy was always watching, always waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting, foolish employee. By the time he had made the arrangements for the helicopter and walked out of the control room, forces were already converging on Faith's position.

The woman at the next terminal spoke softly into her wireless microphone. "He's gone."

"Don't worry. It will all be over before he ever gets there," said a voice on the other end.

Faith's eyes narrowed. She knew there was someone working on the inside, and there were probably more. Moles who were only in place to make reports to the corporate office about the activities of key personnel. Bobby hadn't noticed Maggie's blatant betrayal, but she had. She was familiar with the beast. Betrayal was her gift as well.

Faith walked up and nonchalantly elbowed Maggie in the face. The woman collapsed in her arms and Faith caught her easily.

"Someone call a doctor," she said with a quickness to her voice. "This woman just fainted."

Two guards from the door came and took Maggie away toward the direction of the infirmary. Faith followed along until an easy exit revealed itself. She stood out on the front lawn past the point where people came to smoke and spoke into her own nearly invisible wireless microphone.

"Faith has surfaced," she said. "They've sent a team after her. Extraction point? Crave, a club in Athens. Just be careful, Marcus. These people mean business. Nadia out."

Nadia Kassoff turned and smiled at the throng of smokers gathered outside for their break. She pawned a cigarette off of one and drew heavily. It wouldn't be long now. Three years was a long time to play double Jeopardy, and she had a feeling it wouldn't be long before someone discovered her ruse. But by then it would be too late.


Marcus inwardly cursed. He didn't know if he was ready to see Faith again. But ready or not, the Legacy cleaners were coming to deal with their most pressing problem. They, like most of the others, didn't know which Faith was real and which Faith was fake. But he knew. Betrayal was his gift as well. And this gift had come the hard way, through personal experience. Experience the real Faith Fairchild would know all too well.

"Faith has turned up. It's time to go." Marcus and his red headed partner gathered into the waiting van and adorned themselves with a disguise that would make them blend into the crowd at the gothic vampire club.

Liz, his partner, exited first and walked across the plaza. They knew this would attract Faith's attention, because Liz was a very familiar looking woman, someone Faith would recognize. Marcus kept close to the building and slipped into the club unnoticed. All he had to do now was wait.


If Liz was good at anything, it was dealing with men. She had learned a lot in three years of hard knocks being a secret agent. Her Nancy Drew days were over and would probably never return again.
Out of pure happenstance, a friendly face appeared in the crowd outside the club. He was a rebel and everyone knew she loved a dangerous man. She sat down beside Cameron Cash and kissed him hard on the lips.

"For a man supposedly mortally wounded, you look none the worse for wear." Liz smiled and wiped the lipstick off his mouth.

"I have to say, out of all your disguises, I do like this look on you." Cameron took advantage and fondled the wide expanse of skin revealed by her outfit. He was surprised when Liz didn't brush his hand away. "What's wrong, Liz? Am I finally getting under your creamy skin?" He pulled her ever closer. Their lips only inches apart. "Am I?"

Liz's breath came faster in her chest. What was wrong with her? She had been able to push away Cameron's advances before now. Maybe he was right. Maybe a part of her really did desire him even knowing who he really was. Even with his amorous come ons Liz was able to note Faith's position with ease. Her eyes were filled with confusion, and it was obvious why. She still didn't remember fully what had happened. But had any of them really regained all their memories? They may never know for sure.

Faith entered the club just as Cameron pulled Liz closer. "I've been denying myself way too long." This time, when he kissed her, he put his real emotion into it and Liz was helpless if not to comply. And Liz could not remember the last time she surrendered to something she wanted, needed.

Their kisses became rampant, their breathing heavy. "I can't do this now," she whispered.
"I know," Cameron replied. "But this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up." He stole one last kiss from her and disappeared like a shadow into the crowd.

Liz tried to compose herself. That was something she hadn't been expecting... the revelation that she did indeed have feelings still churning away inside her body. She thought emotion was a technique she had lost long ago.

It was easy to spot Bobby Sullivan among the crowd at Crave. He looked like an angel among a sea of sinners.

"Marcus, he's here," Liz said into her wireless microphone.

"Copy that."

Marcus watched as Faith saw Bobby enter the club. Relief filled her eyes, but he knew that relief would be short lived. He also knew that she would think he betrayed her and that was a fact that Marcus knew he had to keep to himself. Bobby would have to deal with the fallout on his own. That was just how it worked around here.

Shortly after Bobby entered, a group of military commandos dressed all in black dominated the patrons of the club. A look of horrific realization filled Faith's eyes. Marcus felt that realization like a knife in his own heart. The only thing he hadn't anticipated was the swiftness of the commandos. They circled around Faith before he could do anything to intervene.

"What do you want with me?"

"Leave her alone," shouted a voice from the doorway. He looked like a dark knight straight out of Lord of the Rings. It was Graham Gray, aka Helms Solomon. To many in these parts he was part devil part savior, but only a few knew where his real loyalties lay.

Marcus was one of those people.

He took Gray's distraction as the voice of God telling him to move on. He grabbed two shots from the bar, and filled his mouth with one seizing a patron's lighter he spit out the alcohol onto two of the men while lighting the liquid. For a moment he became a human blow torch. The other shot he threw at another man and lit him up as well.

The diversion gave him only seconds, but that was all the time he needed. He grabbed Faith and melted into the bowels of the club.

The commandos were momentarily surprised and looked from the doorway to the bar and both men who had commanded their attention were now gone. The only outsider left was Bobby, and he was quickly taken into custody.


Marcus led Faith down into the basement where he knew an entrance to the tunnels existed. Once inside he knew they would be safe. No one without formal knowledge of the tunnels would dare ventre more than a few feet.

"Where are you taking me?" Faith asked. She knew not to question too much, after all, this man had just saved her life.

"I'm taking you to safety. That's all you need to know."

Faith knew that voice. She recognized it from her past. She pulled them both to an abrupt halt.
"Who are you?" she asked. "I know I know you. I recognize your voice."

Against his better judgement, Marcus lit one of the unlit torches lining the outer wall of the tunnel.
"Oh, my God! It's you!" Faith hauled her arm back and punched him in the face.

Marcus should have known she wouldn't welcome him back with open arms.

Footsteps pounded behind them and they both knew this shocking revelation would have to wait for later. There would be much to discuss then. But right now, the only thing they had to do was survive.

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