Shattered / The Trust

Shattered / The Trust
A Miniseries of The Legacy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shattered: Episode 1: The Curse of Abraham

Shattered: The Curse of Abraham
Part 1
by Toni Walker

He wasn't a spy by any stretch of the imagination. He had merely gotten involved with the Knights Foundation on a lark. Phoenix Gray didn't know what he was getting himself into. He thought it would be fun. It sounded like it would be at the time. Not only would he have fun, but he'd save someone at the same time. What could be better than that?

Unfortunately, he didn't know what a mess he was delving into.

Abraham Moses Wolfe sat behind a large oak desk surrounded by the horizon of Gateway City. Phoenix had met the man only once before, the day he was hired to secretly insinuate himself into the life of Ethan Fairchild and become known inside the Legacy ranks. Abraham wanted him to become familiar with Ethan's sister, Faith. Maybe if he'd thought ahead, he would have foreseen the trouble he was getting himself into. Maybe then he wouldn't have taken the assignment and maybe his sister wouldn't be on life support fighting for her life.

Initially, he wasn't sure why Wolfe had been so adamant in him becoming close with Faith Fairchild. Maybe he would never know.

Phoenix walked into Abraham Wolfe's office and spied the security guards flanking him on both sides. That definitely wasn't a good sign.

"Where is she?" Abraham asked him before he could even sit in the large chair positioned in front of the oak desk. "What have you done to her? What have you done with Faith Fairchild?"

Phoenix had never seen Mr. Wolfe quite so animated or anxious -- not that he was familiar with Abraham's moods or anything, because he definitely wasn't. It was in that split second Phoenix realized why he had been summoned to the Ivory Tower's penthouse.

Wolfe thought his story was a pack of lies.

"I told you what happened. I laid out the entire scenario exactly the way it unfolded." Phoenix eyed the guards then sat down.

"You see," Abraham said cryptically, as if it explained everything. "Therein lies the problem. You called it a scenario. Your wording makes those of us in charge think you had this planned out all along." The black man referred to a pile of printed material in front of him pulling a pair of reading glasses out of his breast pocket.

Phoenix couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You were the one who sent me to Bulgaria in the first place. You were the one who set up for my sister to overhear the guard at the American Embassy which sent us to the Bulgarian park. If anyone is an expert at making a scenario, it's you."

Abraham sat back tapping his fingers together, looking at Phoenix as if he was a criminal of mega proportions. Two guards on opposite sides of him seemed ready to strike. His fate had already been decided, Phoenix realized. He wasn't summoned here to be given a chance to explain. He was brought here to be arrested for what may or may not have happened to Faith Fairchild.

"I'm sorry it went down this way. But the evidence is overwhelming against you."

Phoenix finally stood and rose his voice to his employer. "You actually think *I* set the charges that blew up the monastery, don't you? Have you forgotten I was inside when the building come down around us?"

"A miscalculation on your part, I'm afraid. Unfortunately for you, your only witnesses are unconscious. Kevin is in a coma, due to his injuries sustained in the explosion. And your sister, Scarlett, is in the hospital in need of a liver transplant."

Phoenix wished he was at the hospital right now, and he would be there if Abraham Wolfe hadn't called him in today.

"If you can provide me with some tangible evidence in your favor, I'll let you walk right out of here." Abraham stood and towered above Phoenix who was still merely a boy compared to Wolfe.

"And if I can't?"

"If you can't, these men will take you into custody."

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