Shattered / The Trust

Shattered / The Trust
A Miniseries of The Legacy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Message From Echelon

Raven Martinez, daughter
of the notorious thief, the Angel.
Mission Intel: Project: Raven
from Miles Hayworth, former top Knights Foundation scientist now working for Esta and Echelon

We have obtained a new subject who has proven to be quite acceptable. She was sent to us from a covert operative inside the Knights Foundation. We are presently making her ready for implantation. Dr. Farley has given us a thumbs up. Her mind is just the type we need for our experiment. 

Will relate more intel at a future time.



Raven Martinez, last seen in Legacy of Spies at the Athens Knights Foundation House, finds herself in the midst of Echelon’s influence. She doesn’t know how she’s come to be there. The last thing she remembers is Mitchell Keller, precept of the Athens House putting her on a plane to America. 

Obviously, she never arrived.

Raven stumbled down the hallways of the Echelon compound. Her mind felt foggy and full of static. She bumped into an orderly who gave her a fierce growl and then spun straight into a wall. Raven tried to right herself but her world felt a bit cock-eyed.

"Where am I," she mumbled.

Other patients cowered in their rooms, afraid to walk the halls, as if the hallways were a place of torment. Raven didn't think about them. All she could focus on was her brother, Angel and how he couldn't get along without her, especially here in Athens. 

Little did Raven know that she was no longer in Athens.

Her slightly autistic brother had made it back to America over a year ago. And their father, Rafe Martinez, had gone to the ends of the earth looking for his daughter. He even enlisted the help of the Knights Foundation's best agent, Mackenzie Gray to help in the search. No one had ever discovered where she had disappeared to.

And no one had discovered the mole inside the Knights Foundation, a mole that was eating away slowly at the intel the KF and the Legacy held in the more secure area.


Knights Foundation Memo:

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS: Keep an eye out for this girl. Photo attached. If you find links to her location, please comply with KF and Legacy policy to send in your secure information.

Section Director

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